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Johnny Kurutxet

Personal details

Kurutxet, Johnny
Complet name and surname
Curutchet, Jean
1946 San Francisco + San Francisco < Kalifornia < United States < North America


Main specialization
Jarduerei buruzko azalpenak
Estatu Batuetako bertsolaria

Biographical details

Born in San Francisco Johnny returned with his family to Ezterenzubi for a time and then returned to San Francisco when he was 19. In 1972 he started singing bertsos (improvised verses) with his friends in San Francisco. He manages the Euskal Etxea (Basque Cultural Center) of San Francisco with Jesus Arriada. He participated in the first Bertsolari and Basque Song Festival of Gardnerville and since then he has continued to do so every year. He mainly sings bertsos in Nevada and California.