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Xenpelar Dokumentazio Zentroa (XDZ): research bertsolaritza and make it accessible to the public

Xenpelar Dokumentazio Zentroa, the information center for bertsolaritza, was created in 1991 by the cultural association Bertsozale Elkartea. Its major aim is to collect, organize and promote the Bertsolaritza’s heritage in order to help all kinds of research. Xenpelar Dokumentazio Zentroa offers a public service while at the same time responding to the needs of the projects undertaken by Bertsozale Elkartea. Its collection and services are open to all: researchers, bertsozales, or citizens.

If the documentation created after the 1980’s constitutes most of Xenpelar Dokumentazio Zentroa’s collection (the Bertsozale Elkartea association was created in 1987), this latter also works toward collecting historical documents (bertso-papers, ephemera, recordings, etc). Due to the specific characteristics of the collection the center does not offer lending options, but it is possible to consult the documents in-site or online, and in some cases to receive copies as well.

Where we are

Bertsolaritza and world improvised verse singing

Xenpelar Dokumentazio Zentroa also provides information on other improvised singing arts around the world. 2003 marked the beginning of Bertsozale Elkartea association’s intercultural project, with the organization of an international congress entitled “Ahozko Inprobisazioa Munduan” and the creation of the Kulturartea Mapa project; this latter aims to make known other existing improvised singing traditions in the world.

The collection: a collective treasure gathered by bertsozale's donations

One of the center’s characteristics is its unique collecting system that can be found since its inception: on the one hand, all the different projects run by Bertsozale Elkartea in the Basque Country and at the province level feed the collection; on the other hand, the center’s collection is enriched by donations from bertso-eskolas (school of bertsos), individual bertsozales or associations of bertsozales. They bring recordings, information about performances or competitions, photographs, books, articles, bertso-papers, etc.

The archive that has gradually developed the past twenty years is now organized in nine main themes: Biographies, performances and competitions, bertsos, recordings, photographs, ephemera, periodicals, library, and archives.



The collection is open to research and educational projects. Concerning published to be projects, the appropriate permissions for the material needed will be necessary. All the copies of materials made will be used only for purposes agreed in the petition. The consultation of the material will always be free of charge, when a service price will be charged for the selection and copy of each given material of interest.

Contact us for any question

by email (petition form)

by phone: (+34) 943 694 277

office hours:  Monday to Friday ; 9:30 - 13:30*

* Contact always the documentalist in order to study your needs and other posible options.

Xenpelar Dokumentazio Zentroa's documentalists

  • Photographs: Olatz Amundarain
  • Recordings and Bertsos: Oihana Aranburu
  • Data-bases and Bertsos: Nere Erkiaga
  • Library and Ephemera: Itsaso Noya
  • Press Service and Performances/Competitions: Irati Zaldua
  • Coordination: Oihana Aranburu eta Nere Erkiaga