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Xenpelar Dokumentazio Zentroa (XDZ): Our location

Subijana Etxea. Kale Nagusia 70. 20150 Villabona
T. (+34) 943 69 41 29 / F. (+34) 943 69 30 41 / xenpelar[at]bertsozale.eus

Subijana Etxea

The association Bertsozale Elkartea and the centre Xenpelar Dokumentazio Zentroa are all together  with Mintzola Fundazioa in the building Subijana Etxea. Xenpelar Dokumentazio Zentroa is in charge of the documentation project of Mintzola Fundazioa.


Bus line: Donostia - Tolosa

Train station: Villabona-Zizurkil


Contact us for any question

by email (petition form)

by phone: (+34) 943 694 277

office hours:  Monday to Friday ; 9:30 - 13:30*

* Contact always the documentalist in order to study your needs and other posible options.


Xenpelar Dokumentazio Zentroa's documentalists

  • Recording and Bertsos: Oihana Aranburu
  • Library, Photographs, Ephemera and Archive : Itsaso Noya
  • Press Service, Performances/Competitions adn Data-bases : Nere Erkiaga
  • Coordination: Oihana Aranburu and Nere Erkiaga