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Female improvisational poets share journey into Basque tradition


2018-01-31. Elko Daily Free Press [Webgunea] View details

Champion bertsolari to perform improvised Basque verse at gathering


2018-01-28. Elko Daily Free Press [Webgunea] View details

Bertsolaritza Comes to Reno


2018-01-25. ThisisReno [Webgunea] View details

Bertsolaritza: Basque improvised poetry; preserving the language


2017-03-30. University of Nevada, Reno [Webgunea] View details

New exhibit at the Basque Library


2016-12-07. The Center for Basque Studies Blog [Webgunea] View details

The Basque Bertsolariak: Festival Welcome


2016-10-06. Smithsonian Institution [Webgunea] View details

What Is Bertsolaritza and Who Are the Basque Poets Who Know It?


2016-06-29. Smithsonian Institution [Webgunea] View details

The Basics of Bertsolaritza


2016-05-27. Smithsonian Institution [Webgunea] View details

Basque Filmmaker Asier Altuna Features Bertsolaritza


2010-03-22. Basque Club Aldizkaria [Aldizkaria] View details