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Aitor Mendiluze

Personal details

Mendiluze, Aitor
Complet name and surname
Mendiluze Gonzalez, Aitor
1975 Andoain + Andoain < Buruntzaldea < Gipuzkoa < Basque Country


Main specialization

Biographical details

He is currently working as a teacher of bertsolaritza in several schools in the province of Gipuzkoa. He studied Engineering during some time and he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Education.
He approached bertsolaritza at school in the first place; afterwards, he continued fostering his passion at the bertso-eskola (bertsolaritza workshops) in Hernani and Andoain.
He achieved the second position in the National Bertsolaris Championship in 2017; he has taken part in all the finals since 2001. He also got the txapela (the beret which represents the victory) in the regional championship of Gipuzkoa twice: in 1995 and 2007. He won the first one just at the age of 20; it was the first time he joined the competition.

First steps in bertsolarism

Lehen plaza
Hernanin, 1986an Gipuzkoako Eskolarteko Txapelketan, kantulagun: Gorka Tolosa, Unai Agirre...
Plazan: Hernaniko Etxeberri auzoan, 1986an.