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Joxe Agirre

Personal details

Agirre, Joxe
Complet name and surname
Agirre Esnal, Joxe
1929 Azpeitia + Azpeitia < Urola Kosta < Gipuzkoa < Basque Country
2012 Azpeitia + Azpeitia < Urola Kosta < Gipuzkoa < Basque Country


Main specialization

Biographical details

Bertsolari. It was his grandfather, Antonio Agirre, who inculcated the interest for the bertsolarism since he was a child. He started by listening to many ancient bertsos and his interest increased thanks to the written bertsos. He has realized the basic studies. He is a improviser bertsolari undoubtedly; a classic bertsolari that takes his art as a verbal war (crafty, perspicacious, provocative, controversial), but full of big qualities. He has known four generations of bertsolaris and in all of them he has occupied a special place, as a bertsolari of reputation and respect. He has also composed bertsos under command, especially for the local radio of Loyola and by request of some trikitilaris (popular musicians). He has only won two contests (Loiola Irratiko saria in 1963 and Ehun Mila Pezetako sariketa in 1968, in San Sebastían) and since then he has not wanted to take part in any other championship. In 1979, he was offered a homage in the XIth. Day of the Bertsolari in Oñate. Today, he dedicates his time to agriculture.

First steps in bertsolarism

Lehen plaza
Azpeitian, 1952-53an, Arrona tabernako balkoitik Joxe Lizasorekin, gari ebakitze garaian; hurrengoa Azkoitian (Madariaga), Artainolako Prontxio kojuarekin.