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Maialen Lujanbio

Personal details

Lujanbio, Maialen
Complet name and surname
Lujanbio Zugasti, Maialen
1976 Hernani + Hernani < Buruntzaldea < Gipuzkoa < Basque Country


Main specialization

Biographical details

In spite of being well-known for her work as bertsolari, she has also been involved in other artistic projects, usually related to the language. She is holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Since 2018, she has been member of the team that presides the association of bertsolaris Euskal Herriko Bertsozale Elkartea.
She took up bertsolaritza in the bertso-eskola (bertsolaritza workshops) at school, and by the age of 15, she was already singing in public.
She is the current national champion of bertsolaritza, after obtaining the txapela (the beret which represents the victory) in 2017 as well as in 2009, and runner-up in 2001 and 2013. Besides, she was also proclaimed champion of Gipuzkoa in 2003.

First steps in bertsolarism

Lehen plaza
Hondarribian, Gipuzkoako Eskolarteko Txapelketan
Lehen plaza "serioa": Hondarribiako kofradian, Martxoak 8-aren aitzakian,1992-03-08an.