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Jon Agirresarobe "Torrotxo"

Personal details

Agirresarobe, Jon "Torrotxo"
Complet name and surname
Agirresarobe Lopetegi, Jon
1983 Orio, Gipuzkoa


Main specialization

Biographical details

He started working at Bertsozale Elkartea association in 2008, and he was responsible of the promotion field until 2019, being the main coordinator of the National Championships and several Bertso Eguna as well (Bertso Day). He is the general coordinator of the Bertsozale Elkartea association together with Idoia Trenor since 2019.
Holder of a Degree in Humanities and Communication, he has worked and collaborated in various media, such as Euskadi Irratia. He has done a postgraduate degree in the transmission of the Basque culture and is also doing a master's degree in cultural management.
He began to enjoy bertsolaritza with Ibai Esoain and Xabier Sukia, friends and bertsolaris from his hometown. He took part at the Eskolartekoa youth championship but, not having enjoyed the experience too much, he decided to quit his bertsolaristic activity. He returned to participate in a championship in teams, he mainly continues his activity in the world of bertsos as an organizer and presenter of themes in performances.

First steps in bertsolarism

Lehen plaza
Gaiak jartzen, Orioko Xaloa tabernan, Orio eta Lasarteren arteko bertso afari batean.
Bertsotan eskolartekoan.